End of April, The Beginning of May

The weather has been a bit topsy turvy.  Can't decide if we want to start summer, or hold over a little cold spring.  The days are sure getting longer.  And Kaffa Coffee will be extending evening hours for your convenience.  We are renovating the menus soon, so be sure to stop by (check out our Ongoing Specials to see why),

I will be fleshing out some fun stuff, including pInterest and twitter.  So be sure to follow @KaffaCoffeeBar.  There is where we will have short term free promos, and some fun stuff for free food.

Next week, look forward to an interview, and a discussion of our hosting successes.  The Baklava is still very good.  I have been drinking coffee with almond milk and ground flax seed myself, so healthy.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Published 5/1/15

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