Tegabino - A New Menu Item

Ethiopian are naturally vegetarian, and for Fasting Days (certain holidays) Vegan.  Milen created her own special recipe for Shiro Tegabino

Our Shiro recipe is made from chickpeas, garbanzo beans, simmered in a blend of spices, onion, tomato, garlic and ginger.  For our Tegabino, we have removed the onion and tomatoes, and top the dish with fresh garlic and jalapeƱos.  Milen has also changed up the spices used to simmer.  Ethiopian food is traditionally made with Organic Ingredients.  And Ethiopian vegan dishes taste GOOD! Yum.

Shiro Tegabino is also cooked the traditional way, in a clay pot.  We season using the Ethiopian method, which takes about a day.

Our dishes can be served spicy or mild, on request. As with most of our dishes, Tegabino comes with Injera.  I am sure you will like this (even if not vegan, just a tasty healthy dish).  Our current Menu Price is $9.99.  A definite Plus for the price and health conscious. Bring in your coupon, and Save Even More!

Posted 5/16/15

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