Study: Ethiopian Culture in America

My blog posts tend to center around an American in an Ethiopian Restaurant.  But today, I thought it might be fun to google Ethiopian Culture in America.  I started with a pInterest Board, adding the links I found interesting.  Many articles were dated, but I see this as an ongoing project, with more to be added.

Editorial Note: the links in this article open in a new tab.

Ethiopian American Girl

From the Blog: This blog is about my experiences as an Ethiopian American.  An experience I’m sure a majority of Ethiopian Americans, (and even if you were born in Ethiopia and migrated to the United States) have had.  The things I will talk about are obviously not just about being Ethiopian American. They are about the experiences of a fairly average girl just trying to make it: the ups and downs of friendships, struggles with cultural and racial identity, the challenges of finding the right career path, and other random adventures of an Ethiopian American girl.

I am sure both Ethiopians and Americans alike will find this interesting reading.

Ethiopian Cultural Profile

This basic article, hosted by EthnoMed. discusses historic and current Ethiopian Culture with brief descriptions.  Topics Include: Language, Medicine, life from birth through death, food (our favorite) and Religious Beliefs.

How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage

Written for BBC.  Estimates vary, but there are thought to be more than 200,000 Ethiopians in the Washington metropolitan area, by far the city's largest and most visible African diaspora group.

While integrated into American life, many of them do not want to lose that connection and are keen for their children to know where they have come from.

Many report that English is their first language, but they learn Amharic to retain some of the heritage.  I believe this would also be useful for communicating with native Amharic speakers (even if there are several dialects of the language.)

5 Ethiopian traditions that should be brought to America

Practice these traditions, and see how Americans can integrate with Ethiopian Culture.  Written by a Peace Corp volunteer.

And finally, my personal favorite:

12 Amharic Words and Phrases to use daily

I tried one phrase, but didn't get it right, ishi.  Milen can easily roll off the tongue, Amesehgenalehu, while I stutter Yeah.  But its a beginning in communication.  I wish google translate offered Amharic, it would be easier to learn.  Perhaps in the future?

Published 7/15/2015


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