Looking for American Reviews of Ethiopian Restaurants.

Sometimes pinterest makes for great searches.  Recipes, quotes, desciptions of people, places, things.  But some searches only find results via google.  I was interested in American Reviews of Ethiopian Restaurants, but nothing came up in a pinterest search.  So, I created a board.

I want to discuss the current climate of Ethiopian Restaurants in America.  There is a log of material for research, just nothing on pinterest.  Perhaps they might list the article on a board, but the key words are not there to find.  Thus begins a little treatise on Ethiopian Restaurants in our Country.

According to many reviewers, food is a form of commercialized culture.  Most of the best deals and tastiest meals are in small urban main streets, such as Rainier Ave South in Seattle.  Immigrant restaurants not only operate with tight economic skills learned in their native countries, but also often cook the food from scratch.  This makes a cheaper meal with healthier ingredients than many American Restaurants. Even chain Mexican Restaurants have nothing over the small mom and pop grinding tortillas by hand.  This morning, I watched Milen creating her own Injera, one after the other.  Using all natural, traditional ingredients, plus using tight budgeting, the great taste of authentic food is available for much less cost.

One could visit a hopping sports bar or dancing nightclub (heck, deals can be had at Casino Night clubs).  However, we are talking buffalo wings, steaks, fries and other artery clogging American Choices.  Unlike many traditional Ethiopian Restaurants, Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar strives to attract people of all cultures.  They know Ethiopian food is healthy.  It is spicy, so not only is the palate satisfied, but hunger as well.  Ethiopian food is not a quick meal.  This is a good sign, because your food is not sitting frozen, waiting to be microwaved.  Nevertheless, a glass of Wine can help with the wait.

We deserve a side bar on Ethiopian Restaurant history.  The first restaurants opened after immigrants fled their country.  A Marxist military Junta overthrew the government in 1974.  Restaurants first started forming in "Little Ethiopia's," cropping up around the country, the same as China Towns during the 1800s.  South Rainier Beach has a small Ethiopian Culture, a little Ethiopia.  Hence, we have several Ethiopian Restaurants, and other businesses that belong to Ethiopians or African Americans.  We also have a traditional American Culture, but many of the small Ethiopian, African establishments do not make any attempt at marketing outside of their own culture.

This is why I love working with Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar.  They appreciate the diversity, and bring a strong work ethic to the neighborhood.  You will not need to worry about food poisoning here.  Just as much time is put into cleaning, as is put into cooking.  We have one cook in training, but the guiding light for recipes is Milen herself.  We invite you to visit and review, see for yourself the tastes and atmosphere of Ethiopian Tradition with American Culture.

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Published 7/22/2015

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