Food Review: Tuna Sandwich with Injera, a Take Out Item

I needed something quick, on the go, while I work upstairs.  I enjoy the spicy Tuna Sandwich, which is an off Menu Item.  However, my order nearly came up short when Milen told me they were out of the bread.  Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar's sandwiches usually come with French Roll.  My Idea?  I am hungry, so let us use Injera.  Milen decided she would do wraps, and we would then discuss if this would be an added menu item.

My first impression, lovely presentation for a takeout container.  I decided to eat the traditional way, with hands only (see Ethiopian eating Methods).  Salad is placed on the side, or can be included in your sandwich, wraps if you prefer.  The side cheese is Feta.  The food tasted much different than when served on a French roll.  The flavors and spices stand out more with the tuna, and the Injera adds to the combination of flavors, instead of a large roll distracting.  The fresh Feta Cheese was delicious; I dipped the finger torn wrap into the cheese.

To wet your palate for this sandwich(?), let me describe the spices.  If you request spicy, your meat for this meal will appear red.  Milen uses a combination of tomatoes, garlic, berbere, rosemary jalapenos, and African Cardamom.  For the uninitiated (like moi), I wanted to understand a little ore about what i was placing in my body.  Berbere is a blend of Red Pepper and traditional Ethiopian spices (ranging from  chili peppers, garlic, ginger, basil, korarima, rue, ajwain or radhuni and others).   Berbere is what turns the dish red, other Ethiopian spice mixes produce an orange tint. The African Cadamom is the essential ingredient for extra spicy, and is created from black seed pods grown in East Africa.  Of course, the wraps consist of in house Injera (I have watched Milen prepare, so that is why I asked for Injera).  I like my spices very hot, and this dish did not disappoint.  I also ordered a bottle of Tej, which served as the perfect after dinner drink, desert.

Overall, well worth the 8.99 for a nice meal.  This sandwich is also available in Beef or Chicken.  The only suggestion I would have is to include a second Injera.  The wraps were not sufficient on their own for the traditional tearing and eating.  I would have liked to combine the pieces of wrap with salad and cheese, without using my fingers.  Therefore, I would recommend either a second bottom "plate" of Injera, or serve traditionally with two Injera, and not wrap the meat.  Either method, I am sure Milen and company will accommodate your request.  Moreover, this is MUCH HEALTHIER than eating on a French Roll.  I would not order the sandwich with a French Roll again.  However, I am sure Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar will continue the French Roll method for those wanting a more American Style sandwich.

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Published 8/8/2015

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