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We have 11 boards, with 136 pins (grows weekly).  pInterest is great for searching information, sometimes much more relevant than Google, definitely better than Bing or Yahoo.  I am old enough to remember when Yahoo was THE game in town.

I just pinned an article from Naomi Tomky, a Freelance Food Writer that interviewed us for the stranger (more on that in another post).  Out boards range from Places to Visit in Seattle, Fun with Coffee, and Interesting Recipes.  Even a Restaurant Start Up board for your plans (and something to compare with Kaffa Coffee).  Our Boards are as follows (note, links open in pop up):

Places to Visit In Seattle
Our Restaurant, ideas, outings and adventures in and about Seattle
Includes the top Top 25 Free Things To Do In Seattle to 41 Tailgating Tips That Are Borderline Genius.  Get some snazzy ideas for personal get aways in your neighborhoods.  Also, great ideas for visitors.

Fun With Coffee
Coffee Recipes, Interesting Tid Bits
Engineering the Perfect Cup of Coffee, A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette Around the World,  How To Make Turmeric Tea To Reduce Pain and Inflammation.....just turmeric and raw honey, A fantastic Italian coffee recipe (also known as Bicerin), and much more.

Quote of The Day (or Week)
Funny, Serious, Inspirational, Quotes to get us thinking.  A quick break for a chuckle.  Our latest:

Interesting Recipes
Strange, Fun and Healthy Recipes.
SIMPLE, NATURAL MOSQUITO BITE HOME REMEDIES, Tikel Gomen : Ethiopian Cabbage Dish, Yemisir Wat and Shiro Wat: recipes for tasty Ethiopian red lentil stew and chickpea stew, Why Has this Been Kept Hidden From Us? A drink 10,000 Times More Useful than Chemotherapy, and again, many more.

Ethiopian Culture in America
Ethiopia and America Combined. Ethiopian New Year.
Raising your kid “Ethiopian” or “American”,  History of Ethiopian New Year: What is Enkutatash, How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage, and more.  A few articles from yours truly.

Starting Up a small coffee shop, Ethiopian restaurant, in an industry that is in competitive locale, with high failure rate.
Before Starting So you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Now, ask yourself these 20 questions to make sure, How to Turn a Good Restaurant into a Great Business, Why Do Restaurants Fail?, and more.

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Published 9/15/2015

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