Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, Your Health, Are they on to Something?

Around the beginning of September, I attended the Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with an Interviewer named Naomi.  We enjoyed three rounds of Coffee and shared a plate of the Veggie Combo.  In my spare time, I am reading an eBook about the Blue Zones.  I have yet to finish, but I will be doing more research into the Natural Ethiopian Diet and Longevity.

GMO/Health/Ethiopian Food/Restaurants

Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar Presents: The Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Fun With Coffee

In the meantime, I stumbled upon some interesting Videos on  Great site for additional research and dietary ideas..  There is a bit of science suggesting coffee aids in many health issues, and even some information for longevity and Coffee.

Enjoy the following videos.

Coffee and Mortality

Preventing Liver Cancer with Coffee?

Coffee and Artery Function

Coffee and Cancer

You can read more at the links above.  Ethiopians traditionally do not add milk to coffee, though I do add almond milk at home.  Kaffa Coffee serves organic coffee, and the Coffee Ceremony roasts the green coffee beans, then lets the grinds simmer (much like Greek Espresso Style).

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Published 10/9/2015

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