Where in South Rainier Beach to Watch the Seattle Seahawks

Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar is proud to announce our Seahawks Happy Hour is very popular.  Many of our patrons choose more eating than drinking.  We want to emphasize that while the Seahawks play, this is your chance to enjoy organic, sulfite free alcoholic beverages at last year's prices.  Our atmosphere combines American Game Play enthusiasm with Ethiopian Culture and Community.  We bring a new element to the Twelfth Man.

Of course, our cheaper house and domestic beverages are traditionally American, but most enjoy the taste of Tej and Ethiopian Beer, and lower cost for Game Day Social Enthusiasm.  Kaffa Coffee also offers a rich selection of organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes.  We believe in enhancing health over pizza and buffalo wings.

Kaffa Coffee raises the 12th man flag every day the Seahawks play.  The owners are quite the sports fans, and cheerful service awaits your large screen experience.  So if you are not able to get to the game, come by Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar.  We have the TV room and the dining area separate, so you can pick your level of enjoyment.  See you there.  (Click Here for More Info).


Published 10/3/2015