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Premium Ethiopian Coffee, Organic Ethiopian Food and Spirits

Our goal is to create a fan base, you. We strive to exceed your expectations with excellent organic Ethiopian Food, memorable service and delivering a great dining experience. Kaffa Coffee's mission is to serve excellent products with lower pricing.

Come Enjoy Some Communal Dining and Wine. Or Call Ahead for Pick Up.  Watch TV, or use our Free Wi Fi to get some work done.

8136 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA  98118
(206) 453-3558

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Location, Location

We are located on the Side of Rose Street Apartments. A new, large Blue Building. The bus Stop is Rainier Ave S & Rose St, we are serviced by both Routes 7 and 9.  Bike racks located out front.

We have parking in the Front and on the Side of Rose Street Apartments. There are additional spaces along the street.

We do have a Drop Off/Pick Up 30 minute parking spot. So save time by calling ahead!!

Proudly Serving Organic Coffee, Traditional and Modern Recipes

Call ahead for you Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

(206) 453-3558

On the Way to Work? Home?  Out Shopping? 

Call Ahead for your Next Order. Check Out our Menu, then give us a call at (206) 453-3558. Your dinner will be waiting, or we can make it to go. See our Guarantee at the bottom of the page!

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Kaffa Region of Ethiopia and Coffee

Kaffa region in Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, hence the similarity in name Kaffa - coffee.  Coffee is called 'Bunna' (boo-na) in Ethiopia, but as the plant spread out in the area as far as the Arabian peninsula across the Red Sea, people referred to it as Kaffa or Coffee for the region it came from.

We serve organic Ethiopian coffee!
We also serve healthy Ethiopian dishes with Fresh Ingredients!

A Mission

There is a reason we want to be people oriented.  IT'S YOU!

If each of us spend $100 a year more on local business instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 million a year into our economy.  Not only that, it would create thousands more jobs every year. #supportlocalbusinesses

You are the focus.  You are the hungry, thirsty ones.  We await your orders with smiles.  And, we can beat Major Chains!!  You are our focus, so we can grow to feed you more!

Live - Love - Be Healthy

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your drinks and/or meal, we will make it right for you. We can offer replacement, discount, or refund (manager's discretion) Happy Healthy Eating!